What the pandemic taught me

Srivats Srinivasan
2 min readApr 5, 2020


Pants are mostly an optional accessory.

Everyone (including me) is an epidemiologist, respiratory diseases doctor and math guru rolled into one.

Most people can’t do simple math using exponents. Or wash their hands properly.

The world is full of really selfish people — exhibit — partying in bars and crowding the beaches just as we were being told to shelter-in-place.

The world is full of really amazing people — exhibit — all the 911 responders, doctors and nurses rushing headlong into the thick of the fight.

The world is full of really stupid people, who are so focused on denial, obfuscation and spreading uncertainty, they don’t realize they’re harming themselves too.

The world is full of really smart people — see the fantastic advances in understanding this disease, testing it, finding cures for it.

There’s really only so much TV (of any flavor) I can watch.

There’s absolutely no limit to how much TV my kids can watch.

Trump will never, ever take responsibility or show empathy. Even if the world is going to hell on his watch.

Trump will always take credit for anything in his orbit. He will soon claim he invented hydroxychlorquinone.

Those OCD people were really onto something — they were just ahead of everyone else. All that hand washing might have saved us if everyone was OCD.

A sense of humor is a good thing, especially amidst great adversity. Some of my most uncontrolled laughter has been at memes floating around about Covid-19.

Apparently, you CAN drink alone quite regularly. Even if under the guise of ‘virtual happy hours’ with friends over Zoom.

You know what they say about finding joy in little things? Turns out it’s absolutely true…who knew a dog walk could be blissful!

And yeah — wearing pants is really just a suggestion from here on.