Over the past weeks and months, I’ve witnessed or been party to several exchanges with friends and family in India. Some snippets below:

From a respected, senior corporate professional — “I could be arrested for sharing a post criticizing the vaccine”.

An accomplished doctor — “I’m seriously considering moving out…

For decades, Americans have been fed a steady diet of gentle propaganda that is meant to perpetuate the myth of American exceptionalism. That America is the best, the strongest, the brightest, the healthiest, the richest, the fairest, the smartest, the most democratic. The list goes on, and while one can…

If only the pen were actually mightier than the sword, and we could have sent Shashi Tharoor back in time to confront the British Raj. I imagine him deploying his words as a scythe and slashing through the tall grasses of their professed noblesse oblige. Laying bare their craven greed…

I can barely breathe, I thought

The cloth mask slowing my breath

As we joined the battle fought

To rail against such cruel death

They said we were rioters and looters

And not just righteous protestors

I looked around me to properly gauge

The measure of these marchers’ rage


With due apologies to Patrick Henry, but this seems to be the rallying cry for a lot of the citizenry in the country today. Perhaps a bit biased toward those who wear red caps exhorting the country to revert to its previous greatness, before it was corrupted by, you know…

One of the concepts that perplexed me about high school physics was that of Absolute Zero. i.e. the idea that temperatures actually can’t fall below 0 degrees kelvins or negative ~273 degrees Celsius. While on the other end of the scale, there is no seeming upper limit to temperatures with…

My thoughts on 10 ways (in no particular order) the world will be different after Covid-19.

1. Business travel will decline dramatically and stay down. People have figured out that much of white-collar work can be done without meeting in person, and will choose that option going forward.

a. Personal/leisure…

Pants are mostly an optional accessory.

Everyone (including me) is an epidemiologist, respiratory diseases doctor and math guru rolled into one.

Most people can’t do simple math using exponents. Or wash their hands properly.

The world is full of really selfish people — exhibit — partying in bars and crowding…

Srivats Srinivasan

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